Matthew 7:13-14

Enter in through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many there are who go in through it. Because narrow is the gate and straight is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it. ~ Matthew 7:13-14

Friday, December 31, 2004

DCM News July - December 2004

Dear Friends,

IT HAS BEEN AWHILE SINCE WE POSTED NEWS because of the heavy travel schedule this summer and because of our move to Albuquerque, NM. in August. Next time this happens we'll be able to keep the website posted of all the events as they occur because DCM has purchased a laptop for Wendy to use wherever we are. But we'll do our best now to update you. Thanks for stopping by and reading about us. We really appreciated your interest. Please email us using the form on the Contact page and let us know what you have been up to.

STREET MINISTRY JULY 2004 - This was a really busy and productive month for DCM. In July we accomplished our first street ministry in Provincetown, MA. We did this in partnership with First Light Church of Chatham, Cape Cod. Our cast was drawn from their congregation. In this ministry we knew that we would have to confront a very difficult situation as Provincetown is probably 80% homosexual. We didn't want to preach at people about their sin because we know they know its wrong. Instead we felt led to simply give them God's Word straight from the Bible. Each of us memorized and internalized sections from Matthew 5 as we felt that these scriptures communicate God's love and His law in a manner that all can relate to and accept. It was a very fulfilling ministry for all of us as we were able to really share without condemnation. We shared the Gospel with many many people this way and were able to hand out many tracts that had the way to salvation and the complete chapter of Matthew 5 printed on them. Many people were genuinely interested and were helped by the fact that we were in Biblical costume. Our ministers all felt more in character as well because of the costumes and we each had a sense that we were putting on Christ as we put on our garments. We plan to do this again next summer. If you are interested in this kind of ministry please contact us and we will update you as to our 2005 venue.

WE TRAVELED TO THE EAST COAST ministering in many churches and then we came back to South Bend, packed up the truck and moved to Albuquerque. Our house wasn't ready to move into so we spent a couple of weeks in an RV while we did the Marketplace 29 A.D. VBS in Albuquerque. The VBS was a resounding success and we did it again the very next week in Cathedral City, California where 3 churches participated. We had the added bonus there of one of the churches being a Messianic congregation and they added a real flavor of Israel to all of the events of the VBS. In both cases we had many many children participate as well as a very large group of dedicated adults as teachers and helpers and cast members. We are so excited about this VBS because it lends itself so well to Bible demonstration. If you are interested in DCM doing a VBS at your church please contact us. We have some openings still available for 2005. We have added a new VBS page - you can click on the link at the right to find out more.
OUR HOUSE WAS READY to move into on September 28th. It was a long time to be "homeless" and we really appreciate what Jesus and His disciples went through as they traveled around Israel depending on the hospitality of others. A wonderful lady from our new home church lent us her entire house for a month and she stayed with her daughter. We are so thankful for her sacrifice - it was huge. Every where we go we meet the most wonderful and amazing people. The biggest blessing this ministry has given to us is the opportunity to see God at work in the lives of His saints. We want you all to be encouraged that His people are active all over the world and are seeking and finding ways to serve Him as they serve His people and His cause. Our new home is a gift from God, it is so beautiful. We were able to purchase a 4 bedroom home so that we can do ministry right from home which will save us on office space. Later on we will want to open a new drama center here in Albuquerque but for right now this is working out very well. Moving was horrendously expensive and we didn't want to get over-extended. So far God has graciously met all our financial needs but your prayers and your help are greatly appreciated, as always.

STEPHANIE IS DOING WELL in her new school. We all miss our old home very much and try not to be too homesick but we're really busy all the time and that helps. Dennis travels a lot of the time and is gone almost every weekend so the nearness of the airport here is a real blessing. Dennis has traveled back to the Midwest, Washington, DC, Iowa, Oklahoma and California and back to the Midwest. We miss him when he is gone but keep in close contact through the cell phone. He plans to be home for the holidays and we are looking forward to Christmas-Hanukkah together in our new home.

WE WANT TO WISH YOU A BLESSED HOLIDAY SEASON. May you find deeper meaning in the birth of our wonderful Messiah, Jesus - and may the lights of His glory bath you in His love. Our thoughts and heartfelt prayers are with you all as you prepare for 2005.

NEW PRESENTATION: ROMANS 9 - 11 God's Grace and Israel's Place was added in November. We are so blessed to keep adding productions. God's hand is really on Dennis as the anointing to internalize these Scriptures continues apace. Please keep him in your prayers to find the time and space each day to work on internalizing the Scriptures. He spends a lot of time on the phone making appointments in between travel time.

GOALS: Our goal is to open a new Drama Center as soon as we can and begin a training school here in Albuquerque. If you could, please consider if you would want to partner with us in this work. We know that God is leading us in this direction.

DCM SUMMBER VBS - This is a total immersion program where kids and workers all wear costume and is in a market place setting with 1st century shops. Jesus and other biblical characters from DCM interact through script-ures at various points during the day and week. Pray for more VBS ministers for next summer. Please visit our new DCM VBS Page to find out more.

DCM RETREATS & CONFERENCE VENUES - Sermon on the Mount, Book of James, Romans 9-11, Psalms, Bible Demonstrations and workshops. Please pray for our 2005 schedule regarding these venues.
DCM STREET MINISTRY- Next Summer - not yet decided - Street Ministry will include several dramatic presentations in public square and witness evangelism.

DCM PUBLISING PROJECTS - Curriculums for Youth ministry, training center, VBS ministry, book ministry. Pray for help in finding time to write and edit and for publishing opportunities.
TRAINING CENTER: Our focus this year will be to train many Bible demonstrators and to start to establish centers for training in partner churches. The first training center will be in Albuquerque, N.M. Please pray for this huge undertaking.

Contact us. He has a place for you, a purpose and a vision for your life in Him. We would be so delighted and blessed to hear your thoughts and dreams.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

DCM News - June 2004

Dear Friends,

If you have checked our website lately, you know that we, the Cole family, are moving to Albuquerque, NM. Earlier this month we had a beautiful Shalom farewell fellowship at our local church we attend, Cornerstone Community Church. It was very special. With Cornerstone and others who were there we now noted that “Chapter One” has ended and that “Chapter Two” is about to begin in the southwest. We wanted to say goodbye and say hello to them and now to you so that the illusion of time and distance won't affect our relationships except to draw us closer. We also wanted to use the opportunity of our moving to share more of the vision and purpose God has shown us for this ministry. Due to the nature of our ministry “local” is very relative because we travel. We see in Albuquerque and our new local church a training center (perhaps the first of many) and even more people to train into this call. God has shown us that this ministry is not just national but is international. Bible dramatization is really entering into the Scriptures and continuing through them with an emphasis on hearing and doing. In the doing (acting) we find a deeper hearing into God’s voice. What is more, it is all Scripture. “The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy.” – Revelation 19:10

We average right now over 100 services per year. Prayer ministry sometimes goes for hours and many have been saved, renewed and healed. Most of the healing comes out of confronting the spiritual issues in people’s lives after seeing and hearing dramatically the living-written Word of God. Our communication with local pastors and individuals from churches, particularly 100’s of fellow Bible demonstrators trained and cast in our productions, is an end in itself. In an extended way, you who are reading this are part of the flock God has given to Dramatic Christian Ministries. DCM is a ministry that supports the local church and leads its members into greater outreach ministry and strengthening of the local church body. We appreciate each of you so much. We are not a “show business” organization. We are Bible expository actors using dramatic forms to preach the Gospel message. It is very creative to allow the Holy Spirit to speak the Word of God through you. It causes in the hearer and the speaker a brokenness that leads to boldness.

We are asking you to please listen to God’s voice regarding Dramatic Christian Ministries. When we visit churches we depend on the pastors to ask the flock for financial support. We are missionaries and each mission has a “follow me as I follow Him” component. We right now have an immediate need for funds to meet our moving expenses. We also have a need for monthly and quarterly support as never before. As you pray for DCM, please pray regarding this move for financial support. The move would not be necessary if God wasn't specifically leading it. This move is in order to complete the good work that God has started in Dramatic Christian Ministries. The vision that He has made clear is to continue the traveling ministry but to add specific training ministry so that others will be added as missionaries. This ministry and vision is for it to grow into many people doing dramatic Bible demonstration here in America and throughout the world.

This letter is being sent to each person that has expressed, by filling out a card, an interest in this ministry. As DCM prepares for “Chapter Two” we invite each of you to partner more fully with us into this new exciting chapter. We are excited that God has brought DCM this far and through the obedience of many He will do even greater works. Please respond as you are led of God to do. Dramatic Christian Ministries is an example and ministry of completing our faith through action. Your response both for moving expenses and regular support is vital to the vision that God is doing in all of us. Thank you for your friendship and encouragement; your prayers and offerings.
Sincerely In Jesus’ Name,
Dennis & Wendy Cole

Monday, May 31, 2004

DCM News - May 2004

Dramatic Christian Ministries plans to relocate to Albuquerque, NM. in late July of 2004. DCM is now in its third year of evangelistic dramatic ministry. This move is for the purpose of advancing the gospel according to the particular vision that God has shown us for this ministry. DCM is enlarging the ministry to include as many as are called. We will be setting up a training center in Albuquerque which will be the model for future training centers throughout the United States in partnership with churches. Our ministry vision will also include the training and sending out of missionaries throughout the world and we will be searching for those called to be missionaries to their own nations. As well as this, DCM will also be putting together short term missions trips to different nations, starting with Israel, Mexico and South America. This summer in mid July DCM will do its first mission trip to Provincetown, MA. If God wills it, there will be many more events like this throughout the US in the years to come. Please pray for God's blessings on this move and vision.
There will be a Farewell Fundraiser on Friday Night, June 4th at Cornerstone Community Church in Granger at 7:00:PM. Please come so that we may hug you goodbye. Bring finger food and consider donating to the 4500.00 moving fund, or you can use the donate button at right if you can't make it or mail us your donation. Thanks in advance for your help and may the Lord bless you for your generosity toward His work.

Friday, April 30, 2004

DCM News - April 2004

We are getting ready for summer and it promises to be very active. Many dates planned. Of special interest is the summer trip to Provincetown, MA. This trip is open to anybody who wants to come and be a part of the street cast. Please look at the More Productions page for information on this trip. If you decide you want to go you need to contact us as soon as you can.

DCM has added the venue 'James' and it is awesome! It is the complete book of James.

New VBS pictures have been posted of Marketplace AD 29 at Volinia Baptist, MI. have just been posted!

DCM is planning a big move - to Albuquerque, NM. That is if the Lord is willing and we are faithful. Pray for this move and please consider making a donation to help cover moving expenses as it is very costly to move. Our house sale is going well and praise the Lord, we have just had a firm offer that is acceptable.

Notice our news feed at the right - its from Agape Press to help keep you updated on important news for Christians!

We want to wish you God's precious blessings for your spring. May your walk be fruitful and satisfying as you grow in grace according to His wonderful Word."

Thursday, January 01, 2004

DCM News - January 2004

Another year has passed and DCM is now in its 3rd year of operation. We are proud of what God has done this year, in us and in those we have met along the way. He is truly awesome and loving. The road is never easy but its a good road and even with all the rocks, ruts and ditches He is ever faithful. DCM just completed an incredible holiday season. Poor Dennis was on the road from all of November through the end of December. He was home just long enough Thanksgiving to gobble his turkey down and then was off again. We missed him desperately sometimes but God was so faithful to keep us in close contact through the phone. He is such a good husband and father that its hard to give him up. Stephanie, Dennis and I,. Wendy, all flew to the Southwest for a two week ministry trip and to see family for the holidays. As usual, God was at the airport to meet us, fly with us, lend us a car through the faithfulness of ministry friends for an entire 2 weeks and 1000's of miles! We stayed with saints in Albuquerque and family members in Nevada and California. We ministered at Calvary Chapel Osuna Rd in Albuquerque and Capitol Christian Fellowship in Santa Fe. Both services were awesome and the people were equally awesome. Please be encouraged that the Church really functions! People are faithful and true to carry out even the most mundane and thankless tasks with sweet attitudes and grateful hearts. The loving kindness of God's church is yet one more proof of His love and His very being. There is a really nice video of our service at CCABQ 0n 12-17 if you would like to view it from their archives. DCM appears 1/2 way, 42 minutes, through the service and opens with an incredible ballet from Stephanie. You can fast forward by sliding your player bar to that counter point. Click on link to play and your media player will open and connect, you must be online.
Link - SOM - High Quality (better video)
Link -
SOM - Low Quality (faster load)
We pray that 2004 sees many many precious people come to know the Lord and that those who do know Him will draw even closer to Him as He seeks out fellowship with His beloved bride, the Church. May the Lord bless and keep each and every one of you who reads this and may He bless our nation and our world with the sure knowledge of His sovereignty in all things.
The Lord has put so much on our hearts to tackle this year. As you may know, we are doing VBS at some churches this summer. This is a total immersion program where kids and workers all wear costume and is in a market place setting with 1st century shops. Jesus and other biblical characters from DCM interact through script-ures at various points during the day and week.
Also, we need your prayers and support and suggestions and contacts to get started on our retreat and conference venues, publishing projects and street ministry projects. There are so many ways we can all use the Scripture to help people interact with the Word of God. We plan to train many Bible demonstrators this year and want to start to establish centers for training in partner churches. Please go to our website, prayerfully consider how God might be calling you into this ministry and then write to us, call us or email us. He has a place for you, a purpose and a vision for your life in Him. We would be so delighted and blessed to hear your thoughts and dreams.