Matthew 7:13-14

Enter in through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many there are who go in through it. Because narrow is the gate and straight is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it. ~ Matthew 7:13-14

Monday, November 10, 2003

June - September Newsletter

Greetings to all in the precious Name of our Savior and Lord - Jesus - The NAME that is above every name and the LORD who is King and Redeemer of the world and all that is in it. May HE be praised forever and ever and may we always fall down to worship at His feet giving thanks and praise for HIS kindness and giving HIM the glory that is due! Praise the Lord!
We want to thank all of you who have signed up to receive our newsletter and ask your forgiveness for the fact that we haven't written for so long. DCM has been growing and thriving, thanks to the prayers and gifts of all the saints, and thanks to God for His faithfulness and His love that wants all to come to the knowledge of the truth. We have now completed one full year of full time ministry and have traveled just like Jesus and His disciples did, from place to place proclaiming the Good News to whoever would receive us. Praise the Lord because the Gospel is preached to the nations. Our ministry has taken us to many places throughout the year and we have been greatly encouraged at the hunger and thirst for His Word among His people. Many have been saved and many more restored and renewed because of the blessing of His eternal Word. The Word of God is indeed powerful.
When this ministry was formed we didn't completely understand it, why bring the Word of God to people in this way? But time after time we see scales fall off as people experience like new born babes the fresh milk of His Word. We can only stand in awe and amazement at the Power in His Word as it is spoken directly from the Scriptures to the people!
DCM has added new venues to the work since we started. We now have several venues to bring directly from the Scriptures.
Sermon on the Mount - Matthew 5, 6 & 7
Last Supper Shalom - John 13, 14, 15, 16
The Temple and Olivet Discourse - Matthew 23, 24 & 25
The Book of James - James
All of these are in faith internalized by Dennis and spoken in dramatic presentation. Two of them have complete casts. We have never failed to see God's grace in these endeavors. Dennis is completely in His care during the memorization process and in the delivery. Please continue to pray for him and we thank you for that. Your prayers do make such a difference as we are daily encouraged in this work.
We are also branching out into Vacation Bible School demonstrations. The Lord has told us to script the VBS venues of churches to add the dimension of Jesus and His disciples being among the children. This is a vital area of ministry with so much potential for salvation among the children of this age.
Pray also for these other venues - Retreats, Conferences, Workshops and University level teaching. Dennis was at Azusa Pacific University's Global Missions Conference last week and what a blessing it was to present Sermon on the Mount to these eager young Christians and then to teach a class! Please pray for more of these. Our retreat venue is centered around the Psalms and features Dennis as Jesus presenting various Psalms to enhance the retreat and then retreat sessions that go with the presentations. We have endeavored to make it simple and restful - a true watering experience for Christians. Conferences and workshops are areas vital to teaching about Bible demonstration among God's people. This is an area that needs a lot of prayer as it is vital that we all refine our ministry to be a faithful and true witness of Jesus.
There are so many areas that the Lord is calling DCM to. We must work out music and a CD of these presentations and our travel must increase so that as many as possible will be reached. We need promotional materials and the cost of these is very high. But we feel such a pressing need from the Lord to work very hard and to not grow weary and we stand with you in your efforts to this end as well. Please pray that DCM will be able to organize summer missions venues to reach out through dramatic presentations to the cities. We will need volunteer casts (maybe you!) and monetary & logistical support for this vision to come to pass. Pray that churches and individuals will catch onto this vision.
We are excited to tell you that DCM is tithing to missions around the world. DCM supports missions to Beit Immanuel Messianic Congregation in Israel, the mission to the Gypsies of Jerusalem, Haiti ministry to provide wells to the people, Nepal mission, Sudan mission & the Hope Rescue Mission here in South Bend and to the mission of Voice of the Martyrs. If we didn't report this before, we are very sorry, as we have been supporting all these for almost a year except the one in Nepal which we just recently added. This is so exciting because we get to see how each of our ministry brings hope and faith to the ministries of others. Please pray for these missions and missionaries, they are truly on the cutting edge and they have many enemies to combat all day and all night. If any of you would like us to forward their e-letters to you please let us know, they will truly bless you and will help in focusing your prayers and you will bless them by reading and praying for their needs. We stand in faith with you that our tithes to these missions will increase.
We want to impress on each of you the dire need for faith partners in DCM. Some of you have already been led to partner with DCM and others have donated sums. We haven't been very insistent on this in the past but we are led now to plead our case before you. Please do consider partnering on a regular basis with this ministry. Our ministry needs to go to all of God's people, not just larger churches. We have never and will never turn down a congregation, no matter how small or poor because this Gospel doesn't belong to us, it belongs to God and His people. Therefore, we stand in faith with you that the gifts of our partners and churches will be enough to subsidize the small congregations who themselves are faithful in little. We do need renewal and revival in the church in these days so we must all of us go out into the highways and byways with the Gospel of Jesus. How do we know who will be reached and from where? The church where Dennis was saved was a congregation of 10 and we were sent out from there in faith. And now that congregation of 10 has reached many people from all over! This is how God works! He, the greatest of all, was born in a manger! Let's all be faithful to His model.
We want to bless you and ask you to periodically visit our website, say at least once a month, and pray over our schedule. We, like you, are so needy for prayer. As you pray for DCM, pray for each other and for a great revival in the nation and in the world. Pray that DCM will reach many many more and that we will all be encouraged to the point of ACTING upon His Word! Please print this newsletter and pray that it blesses and is fruitful. We will endeavor from now on to maintain monthly contact with you. Send us your prayer and praises, we are eager to hear from you what God is doing in your lives.
With love in the Name of Jesus,
Dennis & Wendy Cole

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

April Notes

Early April was eventful. DCM - Dennis, Wendy and Stephanie, flew to Massachusettes where we were scheduled for 3 churches. Unfortunately, we could not do the 3rd, Calvaray Chapel in Cape Cod, as Dennis got freakishly sick as we were driving there and we had to call an ambulance. It turned out he had acute vertigo. We were really thankful that is wasn't life threatening. We had just stopped to eat when it happened and so God was watching out for us as it could have been very dangerous if it had happened just 5 minutes earlier while Dennis was driving. He is okay now but it would be good to pray because it hasn't quite gone away either. It is some kind of problem they think with his inner ear. Other than that, the trip was fantastic. We were able to do "The Last Supper Shalom" at Malden Nazarene and 2 services at Metro Vineyard North in Melrose. We used a combined cast for all 3 services from both churches and it was a real blessing working with these people. We stayed with our good friends Jim & Mary Ellen Fox of Melrose and had wonderful fellowship. The rest of April went GREAT! We were able to perform "The Last Supper Shalom" at several area churches for the Passover season and we did a special presentation of "The Sermon on the Mount" at White's Family Services in Wabash, IN. for the kids in their care. This was truly a blessing as these kids who have known such hardship and disappointment were able to receive with joy and gladness the love and care of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many were saved and renewed. In case you didn't know, Dennis works with White's in helping to find Christian people who are called to miniter as foster parents. White's is a truly beautiful organization and we pray that you'll pray for them. Dennis has been very busy getting "The Olivet Discourse" ready. That is Matthew 23, 24 & 25. It looks very promising and we can't wait to share it with you. It will be ready by June 1st, the Lord willing. Please pray for DCM's summer schedule, Dennis' vertigo and this newest venue. Also, another ministry that Dennis does and has been doing for several years, is the Friday morning Bible study at Hope Rescue Mission in South Bend. This Bible study is such a blessing to us all and it is growing and ministering to many people in need. Please pray for this ministry. We always thank God for all of our partners in this ministry. As we travel we need God's blessing because it isn't easy on so many levels and can be a real battle. Pray for our family. God bless you this summer - please email, write or call us - anytime!

Monday, March 31, 2003

February-March News

It has been a really busy time these last two months, and it isn't over. But thankfully winter seems to finally be over. We had a solid 6 months of cold cold winter here in South Bend. But hey! we still made a lot of friends and got to go to the warmer climates besides. DCM took a short trip to New York in February and a long trip to southern California. The first 3rd of March we were local in the Indiana/Michigan area. Then we took another trip to New Mexico. Wendy got to get together with her sister's family and that was a real blessing. All of these trips and services were amazing as usual and we were blessed to meet so many dedicated people serving the Lord with all of their hearts, souls, minds and strength. We are ourselves renewed just being around all of them. We had a terrific cast in New Mexico for Last Supper in Santa Fe. All of our casts have been a tremendous blessing and the rehersals are so profound. Coming up we have a really full schedule and a lot of travel planned. Please pray with us for success in our services and for energy to complete the tasks given to us. If you can, copy our schedule and use it as a prayer focus. Please also pray for our travel finances as we are flying a lot. God bless as we all continue to lift up our nation and our world. Oh yes, How do you like the updates to the site? Do the scroll bars work for you? :)

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

January Notes

Well we made it through 2002! DCM completed over 50 events in 2002 and we are stunned by this great work of the Lord. To see where God has taken DCM go to our 2001-2002 completed events page. Then go to our current schedule page to see where DCM is going. Please feel free to copy the schedule and use it as a prayer reminder. Your prayers are always appreciated and greatly needed. As I write this, late Friday evening, Dennis is in New York. He's staying with a very good friend in Woodstock, William Hill. It means a lot to Dennis to get to minister in Woodstock because that is where he got saved many years ago. He is ministering at the Shokan Wesleyan church and a Messianc congregation, Baruch Hashem. We have had a great month and an incredible year and are looking forward to another incredible year if it is God's will for us. We want to extend a special warm blessing to all our partners and those of you who may be here for the first time. We know that God is in His heaven and He is also on His earth - the earth IS the Lord's, and everything in it. May the Lord bless you and keep you in all of His wonderful ways this year."