Matthew 7:13-14

Enter in through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many there are who go in through it. Because narrow is the gate and straight is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it. ~ Matthew 7:13-14

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Summer 2002 News

Summer 2002 News - Posted 9-26-02
As many of you know, Dennis, Wendy and Stephanie traveled to the east coast for the month of July - August. There we visited churches in Massachussetts, New York and Virginia - DC area. It was a wonderful journey. Altogether we were able to do 13 presentations with 11 churches. What was so special was getting to fellowship with many people and churches. We were warmly welcomed where ever we went. The pastors, leaders, their wives and families are all very special people. It is truly wonderful to see all that God is doing in His people and we were encouraged in our own upward call.
The presentations went well and we had a chance to receive a lot of feedback. DCM is reaching people. There were salvations and many people spoke of a renewed sense of purpose and place in God's kingdom. Many were encouraged to read the Bible more and just get into more intense personal fellowship with Jesus. This is so great to hear! It was our first of hopefully many ministry trips as a family though Dennis has travelled extensively alone. Stephanie did very well and grew a lot, so did Wendy!
The presentations themselves are building momentum. Highlights include, but certainly aren't limited to: An outdoor presentation of Sermon on the Mount in Woodstock, NY.- where we used to live (we had as actors the outstanding Shokan Wesleyan youth - they were awesome), and in Webster, Ma. - a two day event done each year by Webster A.G. called "Webstock" - we were one of many "acts" on the program. You should go and check it out if you plan on taking a summer trip to Mass. We had a great time working with all of the Bible demonstrators from each church for our presentations of "The Last Supper Shalom". These people were so sincere and dedicated and we all learned so much just by acting into the "script" (the Bible) together.
Also, we got to meet John Ashcroft, the US attorney general, at the Arlington A.G. - he just came by to go to the Sunday evening service we were ministering in. That was really a thrill and he is an exceptionally nice person. Dennis even had an opportunity to pray with and for him. We did Sermon on the Mount that night and our prayer is that somehow our nation will be blessed through Mr. Ashcroft's receiving of the Sermon of Jesus.
We're looking forward to doing more script work with people as we present God's drama from the Bible. You can view our Fall/Winter schedule on our website. If you have any leads and would like to recommend us to a church you know of please let us know. We welcome your input. Visit our Testimonies page to get some quotes and there are Woodstock photos as well you can access from the Troupe page. We will add more as we get the ones we took scanned for upload. Our fall/winter schedule is filling up fast so if you have a date in mind be sure to let us know - use the Booking page.

Changes & Relocation

There has been tremendous encouragement and we are convinced of God's blessing on DCM. God's direction for our call and all that He has put on our hearts to do with DCM has made it clear that we must give up pastoring. This is a painful reality that we must absorb and deal with by God's grace, more so because our beloved Living Scripture Church is closing. We have been blessed there for 6 years and for 14 years altogether in pastoral ministry. We have seen God move in mighty ways upon our people and this ministry. Please pray for us that this transition won't be too hard. This is both a sacrifice and a faith step for our family and for our church family but we know that God is faithful to meet all of our needs. He has shown us His love through the love, prayers and committment coming from His people.
As of October 1st, Dramatic Christian Ministries will relocate to the Hope Rescue Mission's downtown office location, what used to be the Ries Furniture store. This is not the residential building that houses Hope residents. They have generously offered this large space for DCM to hold rehersals, store equipment and have Bible demonstration studies as well as presentations. We will post a schedule on our website of these Bible demonstrator study and presentations times. Please pray for this new drama center. Our goal is continue raising up Bible demonstrators who use acting as a means of understanding and applying God's Word in life. Many of these will be used for presentation work. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form on the Faith Partners page. We would be blessed if those of you who aren't faith partners would at this time consider becoming one. DCM will need this kind of support going forward. Thank you for considering sharing financially for this endeavor.
We love you. God bless you - Dennis and Wendy Cole